For Your Consideration: Jaloo

Basically i think you should listen to Jaloo. He's been rising in the Brazilian indie/electronica scene, counts Björk as an early influence, and is frankly the reason i started to learn a little Portuguese? #1, 2015 is honestly somewhere in my top 25 albums.

Some Interviews:

Exclusive: Jaloo Releases Insight EP, marking the meeting between tecnobrega and pop Rolling Stone Brazil, 2014.

What It's Really Like To Be A Queer Musician in Brazil: Interview with Jaloo by FADER, 2016.

Debut Album of Os Amantes, band formed by Jaloo and Strobo, Gay Blog Br. 2021: this article is in Portuguese but talks a lot about the new album's roots in the Para state of Brazil and other influences on the new sound.

Here's where you might start:

  1. Insight -- Jaloo (#1, 2015)
  2. Bai Bai -- Jaloo (no album, 2013)
    this is a "technobrega"* cover of Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball, translated into Portuguese. An early, informal release, filmed in Praça Roosevelt, a LGBTQ district in São Paulo.

  3. Linda, with Strobo as Os Amantes (s/t, 2021)
    From the new release. Filmed in the band's home state of Para.
  4. Downtown -- Jaloo (Insight EP, 2014)
    This one's got lyrics in English and a beat that takes you away. Honestly had kind of forgotten about it until making this list. I'm telling you it's a good back catalogue :)

  5. Chuva -- Jaloo (#1, 2015)
  6. Chega -- DUDA BEAT & Mateus Carrilho & Jaloo (2019)
    A great collaboration, hard to sit still for.
  7. Dói d+ -- Jaloo ft Nave (ft. (part.1), 2019)
    A heart break song: "Dói d+" means it hurts a lot.
  8. A Cidade -- Jaloo (Gorky Remix)
    A remix-able king, too.
  9. Esquadros -- Jaloo (cover of the song by Adriana Calcanhotto, 2019)
    This was a quarantine song for me -- about life in boxes (esquadros), about watching the world.
  10. Bye -- Os Amantes (s/t, 2021)

    A more rock sound, a solid punch. Thanks for watching! Bye!

* a low fi electronica genre in Brazil

a bonus link to another queer Brazilian artist for scrolling all the way down. This is São Yantó, the song title means Milk: "i am not water, to drink when you are thirsty, i'd prefer to be a cup of milk..." It, too, slaps.