the why cheap art? manifesto

Bread and Puppets, VT

People have been thinking too long that ART is a Privilege of the museums & the rich. art is not business !
It does not belong to banks & fancy investors ART IS FOOD . You cant eat it but it feeds you, art has to be cheap & available to everybody . It needs to be everywherebecause it is insideof theworld .
art soothes pain!
Art wakes up sleepers!
Art fights against war & stupidity!
Art sings halleluja!
Art is for kitchens!
Art is like good bread!

Art is like green trees!
Art is like white clouds in the blue sky!
Art is cheap !

Bread & Puppet Glover, Vermont, 1984

Bread and Puppey's why Cheap Art Manifestoi will come back an refine all the classes to make the text size proportional, promise >.>

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